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Benzoyl Chloride

Our company is manufacturing a wide collection of superior quality Benzoyl Chloride. The said range is a colorless to light brown liquid that is formulated using best grade resins, perfumes, dyes etc. Apart from this, it is applicable for the production of antigens and other kinds of serums. In addition to this, Benzoyl Chloride also used to kill pests and several other insects that can harm or destroy the crops. Moreover, our offered product also prevents mouse, rats etc. from coming inside the store as it is harmful if consumed too much.

O Methyl Benzoyl Chloride

With a vision to be a pioneer in our domain, we manufacture and supply O-Methyl Benzoyl Chloride to our diverse group of respected clients. It is a colorless compound with the molecular formula C8H7CIO and mass of 154.593 g/mol. This chemical compound is used in various applications including pharmaceuticals, preparation of dyes, resins, and perfumes as well. O-methylbenzoyl Chloride is offered by us at highly competitive prices and in un-reactive containers to assure its natural properties intact.


  • It is a type of fuming liquid with pungent odor

  • Can also be utilized for preparing peroxides

  • Insoluble in water

P Methyl Benzoyl Chloride

Operating from China, we are one of the reputed manufacturers and suppliers of P-Methyl Benzoyl Chloride. It belongs to the group of acyl halides that are generally involved in the acetylation process of various compounds. This chemical is formulated by replacing OH group in carboxylic acid with halogen, by using halogenating agents. P-Methyl Benzoyl Chloride found its use in preparation of antigens and tolyl-amido-human serum antigen. It can cause severe skin burn and serious eye damage if not handled properly and with caution.


  • Moisture sensitive nature

  • Colorless to slightly brown appearance

  • Stored below 30 degree Celsius

M Methyl Benzoyl Chloride

With an experience of about 5 years, we are the emerging manufacturer and supplier of M-Methyl Benzoyl Chloride. It is utilized as an orally consumed agent to kill rodents and other pests to prevent stored or transporting crops from being harmed. This compound has the molecular weight of 154.60 g/mol and is moisture sensitive in nature. It is a colorless to light brown liquid with the melting point of -23 degree and boiling point of 86 degree Celsius. M-Methyl Benzoyl Chloride has the capability of accepting one hydrogen bond and is stable under normal temperature and pressure.


  • Insoluble in water

  • Combustible in nature

  • Can cause skin irritation

Benzoyl Chloride

With an aim to be a pioneer in our domain, we manufacture and supply excellent quality of Benzoyl Chloride. It is a type of organochlorine compound which is used in formulation of peroxides, perfumes, preparation of dyes, resins, and pharmaceutical products. This chemical compound is produced from benzotrichloride using water or benzoic acid. Benzoyl Chloride is a colorless fuming liquid which gives hydrochloric acid and benzoic acid when reacted with water. It is a lachrymator and is also used as an intermediate in many chemical processes.


  • Irritating odor

  • Can also be used a photographic developer

  • Has a boiling point of 197.2 degree Celsius