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Mosquito Repellent

We manufacture products that fall under the category mosquito repellents. Under this, we offer Diethyltoluamide 99% (Deet), Refill Bottle, and Paper Mat. All our products are useful for providing protection against mosquitoes, leeches and bugs. These help in decreasing the possibilities of harmful diseases such as malaria, Lyme disease, bubonic plague, and dengue, by preventing themosquitoes from biting. Our mosquito repellents are available in liquid form, packed in bottles or large drums depending on the specific product. Generally, these provide many hours of protection against the hazardous insects. DEET, and compounds of pyrethrum / allethrin and other material are used to make ourrange.

 Features of mosquito repellents
  • Can be applied to skin, clothing etc.
  • Help in prevention as well as management of insect-borne diseases
  • Discourage insects by making them fly away
  • Keep repellents out of the reach of children.
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Mosquito Repellent Refill Bottle, Wick and paper mat

Mosquito Repellent Refill Bottle is required to be attached to its machine and then used by connecting to an electric source. The chemical present in the bottle is based on the formulation of DEET, pyrethrum, allethrin, or esbiothrin. One of the modes of action of this repellent is by binding to the sodium channel proteins in the nerve membrane which prolongs the opening duration of the channel, resulting in insect’s death.

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Plain Mosquito Paper Mat

Pyrethrum and allethrin are the main ingredients in making of Plain Mosquito Paper Mat. Chemical used in its production is derived from a plant species known as chrysanthemum. This mat is capable of providing protection against dengue & malaria mosquitoes. It is highly effective in nature and can be used in halls, living rooms, and offices. Fumes produced by this mat penetrate the cuticle of the insect to induce toxic effect in the nervous system.